2900 Komárom, Kelemen László utca 1.

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Hotel Tulipán Komárom


Komárom situated just 7 km far from the M1 motorway. The area natural treasures are water the springs and thermal bath. Komárom is a medicinal water centre, waiting for tourists all year.

Due to the mineral components of the medicinal water, the following problems can be effectively treated by it: Degenerative spinal and articular problems (calcification, diseases of the joint by degradation, gout, carpal tunnel syndrome, chronic myalgia, tennis-elbow) Rehabilitation of operations of traumatological orthopaedics and neurosurgery (after the operation of the herniated disc, following locomotor disorder after accidents, aortic stenosis) Chronic pathography of inflammatory gynaecology (some forms of infertility menopause)

The area of the spa there are 9 pools all together:

  • 1 × 50 m outdoor swimming pool (22-25C)
  • 1 × 50 m outdoor adventure pool (25-28C)
  • 1 × 33 m indoor swimming pool (25-28C)
  • 1 ×indoor spa pool (35-38C)
  • 1 ×indoor jakuzzi (33-35C)
  • 2 × open-air pools of medicinal water (36-38C) and (33-35C)
  • 1 ×outdoor children’s pool (27-30C)
  • 1 ×indoor training pool (30-33C)

The most famous sight of the town is the fortification system. The parts of the system are: Start-fort, Igmand-fort and Monostor-fort. It has gigantic size so this fort is unique in Europe. Other sights are: the Roman Catholic Church in Szőny, the onetime Gyürky-castle (it is a hospital today), the Klapka György Museum, The Collecting of Ocean Shipping

Hotel Tulipán

Ever since our inception The Hotel Tulipán has been focused on quality and guest satisfaction.

The past 10 years have been about continuous improvement and development with the aim of providing “the best in everything”.

Our comfortable and homely hotel, Hotel Tulipán is located in the centre of the city. All this is a very good starting point of a pleasant excursion to Fort Monostor or to Komárno (Slovakia).

Our dear guests may know their cars, their bicycles securely by way of our closed, free car park.